-Community Acupuncture allows the cost of acupuncture to stay affordable by treating people in a group setting with comfortable, reclining chairs. Treatments are customized to your particular needs while you relax and often sleep. We speak in low voices to protect privacy, you remain fully clothed, and distal acupuncture points are utilized.  Once the treatment begins patients have plenty of time to rest, sleep and let the treatment sink in.   People often explain being deeply relaxed during and after acupuncture.  Most everyone leaves the treatment feeling refreshed.  We treat the whole family at Happy Belly Acupuncture and kids are welcome, as long as they can sit quietly for about 15 minutes.  Overall, kids require less needles and we also offer needle-free treatments.

Wear loose fitting clothing that can be pushed up to elbows and knees and please eat within a couple hours of acupuncture.  Available Mondays & Wednesdays 10am-3pm.  Last appointment is at 2pm, then an hour to rest.
Walk-ins are available, but it is best to call ahead to confirm we have room for you:  (503) 926-7985 ext. 3.
*Please bring ear buds or ear plugs if you are sensitive to ambient sounds.

-Individual Acupuncture treatments include an in-depth interview and acupuncture treatment. They may also include the following: cupping, gua-sha, massage, essential oils, nutritional advice, herbal consult and moxibustion.  All modalities will be thoroughly explained before being applied. Please eat within a couple hours of acupuncture.  Available Monday & Wednesdays afternoon by appointment only.

First Appointment is 75 minutes
Follow-up Appointments are 60 minutes

*Insurance Panels:  Lindsey currently is currently in-network with the following insurance companies including: Regence Blue Cross/Blueshield of Oregon, Providence, AETNA, Moda, PacificSource, Tri-West, United Healthcare and CIGNA. 

-Cupping & Gua-sha is a form of therapy that utilizes glass cups and negative pressure to create very tight suction on the skin, mostly on the back.  Chinese cups are used to alleviate muscle tension, decrease back/neck pain and help with chronic coughing and asthma. Cupping works on the deep tissue layer of the body and often leaves the patient feeling very relaxed. Toxins are released and blockages are cleared up. Gua sha utilizes a smaller instrument that targets smaller sections of the back and also helps with everything cupping does.

$45 per treatment.....30 minutes