Spring For Self-Care

Spring for Self-Care!

Do you practice good self-care?  In this newsletter I explore what self-care is and how to nurture this daily practice in your own life.
On a side note, Happy Belly Acupuncture will be OPEN on Memorial Day-Monday May 30th. Acupuncture can assist with releasing old emotions.  This can be a wonderful part of self-care.  Emotional release is something I am open to helping you with and is something I enjoy doing.

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Self-care can be described as any intentional action to take care of your physical, mental,and emotional health. Self-care is preventative medicine and often means taking health care into your own hands.  If you are not taking care of yourself—who will?  If your foundation is not well cared for, cracks emerge that are small at first, but if not tended can lead to serious problems.

You are important and worthy of great self-care.

Below are quotes from friends, patients and my exercise instructor.  I asked them to explain to me what self-care meant to them and quickly learned self-care is unique to every person.

“Self care is taking the time to feed your soul.”

"When I am on it, for me it is recognizing my needs are as important as everyone else’s. Trying to do something daily which is why my Biddy the bike has been so impactful in my life. She lets me feel my body move!”

“Self care to me is listening to what my body really needs.  Sometimes it’s exercising when I just don’t fell like it, other times, it’s saying no to plans and staying home and resting, and some days it’s eating chocolate and drinking wine.”
Self care for me was way at the bottom of the barrel before.  But then I realized self-care is really kid care, family care, work care, whatever.  Exercise gives me total focus on me, which I rarely get out of class.”
“Self care is the ability to take the gifts my community of practitioners provide and my own agency to empower myself through healthful choices and lifelong knowledge.”
“Getting good sleep, eating nourishing food. I practice curiosity and self-forgiveness, which helps me engage the world with a sense of worthiness; I practice courage, and vulnerability and resilience! I practice honest conversations and listening up! I like my quiet time to think, cook, and garden. I also seek out funny stuff to laugh about, clips, shows, or a movie, laughing is one of my daily vitamins, Vit. L"

You can make a go-to list for yourself and put it somewhere visible.  Here is my current self-care list:
1. Exercise-long walks or jogs, exercise classes.
2. Meditation- first thing when I wake up, before I check my email, for about 10 min. I love this free app called Insight Timer.
3. Journaling- before I go to bed it helps me empty everything out and I sleep better.
4. Epsom salt baths-help me envision that allI no longer need is seeping from my body, emptying into the bath, down the drain--it is a great emotional release for the day.
5. Acupuncture-not only does acupuncture treat certain conditions, it also helps to take the edge of life. Afterwards, I am always more relaxed and better equipped to deal with whatever comes my way.
6. Positive self talk-helps me to battle negative thoughts. Also, it's helpful to focus on something else if I am ruminating on negativity.
7. Sleep- before 10pm.  I try and give myself an early bedtime and stick to it. When I am not doing a good job with this one, I feel my foundation is unsteady.

Wishing you a happy week and I look forward to working with you.

Thank you.
Lindsey Dority LAc
(503) 926-7985 ext 3