Fall Newsletter

Happy Fall!
I recently had the chance to get out of the city and road trip into rural south-central Oregon. It was great to gain some perspective and refresh the senses (no car traffic, loud noises, and crisp and fresh air). The location was very remote and I am pretty sure that cattle outnumbered people. Getting out into such a solitary place helped me feel rejuvenated about what is important to me in life.
Also, it helped me to take stock of what
I am ready to let go of this Fall.

This is vital and pertinent right now as Fall in Chinese Medicine represents the organ teamof Lung and Large Intestine. The Lung takes in the fresh pure air, while the Large Intestine eliminates the waste. If these organs are not in harmony it may manifest in our bodies as sadness, depression, bronchitis, easily catching colds, allergies, cough, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea to name a few.

I encourage you to take advantage of this auspicious time to take stock of what is important to you and what you are ready to let drop off your map. This can be as simple as going through a closet and donating clothes to letting go of a particular behavior that is n0 longer serving your highest good. Acupuncture isa great tool.
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  • Soak feet at night in warm water to help you sleep more deeply.
  • We need a bit more sleep in the winter so best to try and turn in earlier.
  • Eat warmer foods, avoid too many cold/raw veggies, roast your root veggies, eat white-colored foods like apple and pear to nourish the lungs.
  • Take your Vitamin D, unless you are able to soak up the sun for 15min.
  • If you do end up catching a bug pump up your immune system with some good herbs, I like Kick-It Immunity by Wish Garden--and COME GET ACUPUNCTURE---it will help you avoid getting sick as well as shorten the durationof your cold!

A bit of exciting news--I will be offering community acupuncture on Thursdays at Luna Wellness starting 10/27.  Luna Wellness isa collaboration of wellness practitioners including chiropractors, ND's and LMT's who specialize in working with mom's.  An amazing thing about this space is that we will be offering child care for $5.00 every week. This is HUGE! Also, first day on 10/27 is only $10!  There are a few openings left, call 503-289-1390 to schedule.

Thank you for making it to the bottom of my newsletter. I hope to see you soon!
Lindsey Dority
happy belly acupuncture

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